Daily Life / Performance


粉˙紅點 The Pink Spot
裝置 Installation


…one cannot tell a pedestrian act from a performance if we isolate the act itself—an incident can only be understood through a frame, a context, a perspective…and the “nature” of an incident may change with time…like my work which carries different meanings before and after the night falls. During daytime when the projector is off, a passer-by is just a passer-by; during nighttime when the projector is on, the act of the passer-by highlighted by the spotlight will turn him into a “performer”.

Location: Outside HKAC Front Door



電腦繪畫 Digital Painting
擬實藝術 Hybrid Art


I see my work as a piece of hybrid art. During its creation, from cyber to reality, from those intangible digital signs to the actual dyes on paper—the end product, the artist has no way to touch the materials until the work is finished. The only physical relation between the artist and the work during the creation process is the movements of his fingers on the keyboard and/or the movement of his hand with the mouse! There is no palette for one to mix paint or to feel the viscosity of it with the brush, nor can one see the actual hue of the intended images! It is at least after three times of modification that the artist may finalise the colour for the actual work on paper. Even at the very end, the artist would still ponder what would emerge from the printer. If the artist does not have what an artist should have—a FIRM VISION to begin with, the end product would definitely be doomed, regardless of how much effort has been invested ahead. However, the artist still have ultimate control as he could alter digital signs at will to enhance the images simply with a flick of his index finger.



A Gift to My “Mother of Art"–a Nine-yuan Stall
混合媒體裝置 Mixed Media Installation




Thirty years ago, Dr. Tao Ho and other founders of the HKAC established this “mother of art”, and I am one of her children.
My art began here.
Ten years ago, here for the first time, I did a piece of installation-Indifferent City for the “Monument to the Unknown” exhibition.
Seven years ago, here for the first time, I won a logo competition. My competition entry became the present logo of the HKAC.
Five years ago, here for the first time, I curated an art exhibition—“The Others Sides of Architects”.
Five years ago, here for the first time, I designed an inauguration ceremony by transforming the word「建築師」(architect) into homophonic characters「見觸思」(see, sense and think). It then became the title of a book I co-authored.
Two years ago, here for the first time,I led an architectural workshop where people made buildings with Styrofoam, cans and boxes, and trees with broccoli.
Two years ago, here for the first time, my sculpture met the public on the street.
I believe, I will have a lot more first-times here in the days to come.

So, how am I going to express my love for my “mother” on her 30th birthday?
I would like to set up a nine-yuan stall for her. In the stall, items are in yellow—HKAC’s theme colour (also my favourite), and objects are created based on the idea of nine circles bound by a black string, a way to demonstrate the real meaning of the HKAC logo—to think out of the box. The HKAC building, a masterpiece by Dr. Tao Ho, will appear as miniature artefacts in the stall. Guests visiting the stall will receive small souvenirs so that my “mother” may reach out to people beyond the building and bring them the joy of art...and so to sow a seed for a potential HKAC store in the future.


A still from the video:
escalators in Festival
Walk Shopping Mall

Director / Writer:Robert Iolini
Genre:Drama, documentary and essay
Languages:English/Cantonese/ Putonghua
Partially with English subtitles
Shot in Hong Kong in 2007


香港漫遊者 The Hong Kong Agent
New Media (Film + Radio + Installation + Bluetooth)


Without a map and relying solely on his intuition, the agent drifts…. His encounters with activists, sidewalk shamans, a fengshui master, teenage hopefuls, artists, shopping arcades, ghost buses and psychedelic trains become intriguing clues with which to de-code the city and its inhabitants. Throughout the work the agent gives first person narration in the form of “poeticised” reports. His interpretation of the events he witnesses and participates in provides an idiosyncratic yet insightful reading of life in Hong Kong. Local perceptions are explored in scripted scenes in which characters relate personal experiences and engage in compelling dialogues on subjects ranging from the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to shamanic healing.

Location: Opposite the Box Office, G/F Hong Kong Arts Centre




我城之海,我海之城 The Sea of My City, The City of My Sea
Installation with Hand-painted Work and Digital Output






A beautiful vision can fill a person with joy. When I was a child, seawater was something that glowed green. During the sunset I saw beautiful clouds and light reflecting on the sea waves, filling me with peace and contentment. Whenever I repeat this memory in my head, it softens my heart like how I used to feel as a child. Thus, I believe the sea is the soul of our city as it nurtures and gives us so much.

So what is the core value of our city? I would have to say on the surface it is commercialism, the values of which being extremely monotonous and boring. Other than our concern of building blocks after blocks, the city is lack of creativity and spark. Is architectural construction really our only strength? (The famous landmark buildings in Central were mostly built by famous international architects.)

The HKAC has been established for 30 years, witnessing the development of our city. It is a good example of local creativity initiated by a small group of people who are full of passion (artists and architects), reflecting the willingness of society at that time to contribute to creativity. However, the overall atmosphere needs an uplifting. In another 30 years, will there be any new and diverse strengths, not only in architecture but in different aspects of life? Eventually, will there be a local scene thriving with creativity and breaking through this boredom? I believe one day this will happen simply because I believe in the course of nature, and in essence, we and nature are one.

Nature has its own grammar: the earth and the sea. The prevailing values of commercialism, like the crust of the earth, solidly blocks our minds. We are waiting for some sort of wisdom flowing as freely as water that will softly bring forth creative thoughts to benefit our society.

My work is a pictorial and literary collaboration on how a group of young children and I feel towards the Victoria Harbour. The passionate directness of the children calls upon us to protect this harbour, retaining its essence that nurtures and educates us daily. I think that this awareness may help the children to grow and develop as individuals who care about the future and our world. This could possibly be the root to developing a more creative and stronger city.


Components of the artwork


互動裝置 Interactive Installation




The HKAC has experienced wonderful changes and progress over the past 30 years. From attracting the niche audiences to enjoying mass appeal, it went through years of seedsowing before reaping a bumper harvest. The HKAC is where we have seen masterpieces, so it is unbelievable that we, as a team of young creative minds, can now participate in its 30th anniversary exhibition.

Everyone has a different perspective when looking at the same piece of art. Inspired by the HKAC logo, our team has produced a series of inspirational works. We hope that visitors to the exhibition would interpret the works in their own ways after perceiving them. The creative process will then continue–and a new piece of art will be made–thus prompting visitors to project their unique perspectives to others so that the art process will be recreated again and again…and this is Art.

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Stella的小花園 Stella's Little Garden
混合媒介裝置 Multi-media Installation


The HKAC is a living room, which provides a linkage between Hong Kong, international artists and curators—a living room that is warm and exciting.

The HKAC is an organic container, which accommodates the art and culture neglected by many in Hong Kong and provides a lively living room for art development.