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Cultural Masseur

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01/03/2017 - 31/07/2018

Body massage stimulates circulation, and massage of the mind stimulates the circulation of ideas, particularly creative ones. “Cultural masseurs” connect the dots in the cultural scene, helping to uncover the beauty in our daily lives, as well as respond to daily lives with arts. The project, targeted at young people, adults, and early retirees, brings arts into lives through an array of carefully curated programmes: guided tours, talks, workshops, internship and apprenticeship, as well as the process of art-making. These programmes may enlighten the participants to see the world in an artful way, and they will in turn enlighten others as active audience through sharing of what they know about the arts, and ultimately becoming “cultural masseurs” themselves. Only through connecting arts and everyday living can arts thrive in a city and culture be passed on.


Talk Art: Public Edition
All talks will be conducted in Cantonese/Mandarin. For more details, please refer to the Chinese version.

The content of these activities does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Hong Kong Arts Centre


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Past Events:

A series of workshops will cover 6 aspects including arts making, performing arts, creative writing, arts critic, exhibition curation and culture studies. Experienced artists and art practitioners will be the workshop facilitators. Participants can choose 1 of the workshops from these six aspects according to their interests, so as to understand arts from different angles, enjoy and give response towards arts. Finale of workshops will be a 2-day-1-night camp where all participants will gather and share what they have learned from the workshops.
All workshops will be conducted in Cantonese. For more details, please refer to the Chinese version.

Date & Time: July - August 2017 
Fee:  For more details, please refer to the Chinese version.

Talk Art: Discovering the Path of Art - School Edition
The arts scene is perhaps like a scene in a drama in which different people take up different roles that have be well orchestrated to make the show work. Artists, technical staff, arts administrators, venue managers, sponsors and presenters, art critics are all indispensable to a healthy arts ecology in our city. Our team of “cultural masseurs” will travel to different secondary schools to bring a special play up on stage, featuring these different parties in the arts ecology as main characters, literally bringing the complicated yet intriguing art scene to life. The performance will be followed by sharing sessions enabling students to catch a glimpse of the arts ecology in Hong Kong.

Date & Time: February - May 2017
Venue: School Hall/ Playground/ Multi-purpose room
Fee: Free of Charge. Limited Quota on a first-come-first-served basis.
*Talk Art will be conducted in Cantonese.

Secret Garden: First Taste of Workshop
Secret Garden: First Taste of Workshop Shout out to all the “cultural masseurs”-to-be: come visit our “secret garden”, which is located at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and experience the pleasure that art may bring about: art making to introduce artistic elements into daily lives; art appreciation to inspire response to artworks; and art discussion to get to know the artists up close and personal. After a brief encounter with the art scene and an alternative experience of the city through other earlier activities, through the Secret Garden participants will be equipped for more profound involvement in the arts in the next phase of the project.

Date & Time: 29 Apr 2017 (Sat)
                     Session 1: 11am-2pm
                     Session 2: 5:30-8:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre
Ticketing Info: Free admission. Quota is limited on a first-come-first-served basis.
*This activity will be conducted by Cantonese. For more details, please refer to Chinese version.
Talk Art: Discovering the Path of Art - Public Edition 
To know more about Hong Kong’s art ecology, first-hand stories always tell more than anything hearsay. We have invited four current practitioners from the music and drama sectors for a sharing: Wong Ka-jeng  (founder of Music Lab Festival and whose story was chronicled in the film KJ: Music and Life), Mike Orange (guitarist and keyboardist of local indie rock band Chochukmo), Desmond Tang (Best Director and Best Actor winner at the Hong Kong Drama Awards) and  Wong Wing-sze (Best Script and Best Actress winner at the Hong Kong Drama Awards). Up close and personal, they will share how they embark on a career in the arts field, and also talk about their experiences in the Hong Kong arts sector.  
Date & Time: 29 Apr 2017 (Sat), 3-5pm
Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Ticketing Info: Free admission. Quota is limited on a first-come-first-served basis.
*This activity will be conducted by Cantonese. For more details, please refer to Chinese version.
Walk Art: Sensory Exploration
With all the visual excitements in the city, sometimes we may unconsciously numb our senses when relating to our surroundings. When was the last time you smelled the scents of Hong Kong, “Fragrant Harbour”? Join us for an olfactory journey for an intimate exploration of the city. We will start with a gentle yoga session to come back to the present, and wake up our five senses. With the awakened sensitivity in the body, we will go on a sensory journey to explore the city. From curry fishballs, cosmetic fragrance, moist soil, to car exhaust and discarded cardboards… each smell paints a distinct dimension of the cityscape, usually left unnoticed.

Let the nose take us on a deeper knowing within ourselves, and with our surroundings. With that, new possibilities emerge.

Guest Curator: Maggie Lin
Date & Time: April - May 2017
Venue: Admiralty
Fee: $50/ person/ session
*Programme will be conducted in Cantonese.

Walk Art: Mobile Theatre
To what extent could Kwun Tong be related to “romance”? The district is where old industrial buildings are demolished for new business high-rises, but there are indeed so much more than merely business talks here. Where there are people, there are love stories; where there are love stories, there are breakups. From bits and pieces of audio traces, you are now an investigator specialising in breakup cases. Dashing through streets and lanes of Kwun Tong, soon you will realise the seemingly most mundane corner of the city is where love grows and deteriorates. You are cordially recruited as one of the investigators of the “Breakup Research Institute” to re-read Kwun Tong through intellectual debates and romantic imagination.

Guest Curator: Thealosophers
Date & Time: March - May 2017
Venue: Kwun Tong
Fee: $50/ person/ session
*Programme will be conducted in Cantonese.

Walk Art: 1-Minute, 1-Act
Here comes the bravery test: do you dare to intervene the public space with physical theatre and sound performance? A guided tour led by artists, here is your chance to stage an improvised act. Let’s understand the city through the different sounds collected, and feel the city by improvising. We are all too used to stay indifferent and invisible in the crowd, but there is always a window opened up for an active participation. Come and put up a 1-minute act in Wan Chai, you’d know there are always unexplored possibilities in our city space.

Guest Curator: jeffleung@arttank

There are two types of 1-Minute, 1-Act tour.
Type 1: 1-Minute, 1 Act
There are various stories and memories about this centuried Wanchai. Independent curator, Jeff Leung, will bring us to check out 7 locations and to take action in situ for building our own memories. Thus those may remind how the dialogue between art and history had happened over there.

Leading artist: Jeff Leung (Independent Curator)

Type 2: I Don’t Want To Be A Normal White Collar

Life is a composition of endless cycles. Going to work and leaving from work is a cycle. Graduation from schools, getting married and giving a birth to children is a cycle. Working in Monday to Friday, taking rest in Saturday and Sunday, then going back to work is the other cycle. There are endless cycles in your life. However, some things and some objects around you actually may give you a break in a moment, even inspire you a new way of thinking, as long as you listen deeply and respond it. You still have chance to get out of these cycles and rethinking the surrounding things.

Leading artist: CHEUK Wing Nam (Interdisciplinary artist)
Date & Time: March – April 2017
Venue: Wan Chai
Fee: $50/ person/ session
*Programme will be conducted in Cantonese.


Springboard Grant: Hong Kong Arts Centre is financially supported by the Springboard Grant under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Sponsor: Anonymous, Hysan Development Company Limited

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