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Comix Cart @Comix Home Base – Playing & Storytelling with Children Series 4

Date & Time:
04/01/2018 - 29/01/2018  From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Comix Cart is a mobile comics display programme. Six creative units are invited to install their comics works on the cart. There are six phases in the series with different stories and themes especially designed for children, including nostalgic games, living creatures and nature, adventure, spiritual communication, dream realization, and slice of life etc. Comics artists and illustrators will take turns to decorate the cart with the featured theme. The cart will be on display at the Public Open Space for one month, telling stories to young readers and their families via games on weekends.
For the fourth Comix Cart display, we welcome Max, a scientist living in the forest who loves to solve problems for his animal friends.
Cooperating with local creative group, All Things Bright and Beautiful, the cart will present their calendar Max 's Amazing Ideas:  Whether it's using potatoes to create power; cross breeding peanut and strawberry plants for the creamy, juicy peaberries; or setting up a Time Garden with flowers that open at a specific time of the day; making a new shell for turtle with watermelon rind, and adding colours to butterfly wings with a telescope that collects iridescence from the sky – the 12 stories and ideas will amaze you!
Aspire to inspire! Little ones can become big inventors, mix and match different things to create their own unique creatures, which help them to solve daily life problems. Register now online and come to the workshop hosted by All Things Bright and Beautiful on January 20, be creative and have fun making your own badge!
Meanwhile, young readers can bring along the comic books that they have read and put into the “Comix Mailbox”, to share the joy of reading. As part of the programme, Comix Home Base will hold a floating book fair on January 20, kids can take their favourite comic book home and pass it on.
Organiser: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base
Comix Cart Display -   Max’s Amazing Ideas
Date: 4/1- 29/1/2018(Mon - Sun)
Time: 10am - 8pm
Venue: Public Open Space, G/F, Comix Home Base
Participating Creative Group: All Things Bright and Beautiful
Create Your Own Creature and Bizarre Badge Workshop
Date: 20/1/2018  (Sat)
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Venue: Public Open Space, G/F, Comix Home Base
Participating Creative Group: All Things Bright and Beautiful
Target Group: 5-12 years old and parents
Language: Cantonese
Free Admission. Click HERE for registration.
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Website: https://www.allthings-brightandbeautiful.com
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiZw3UvnxcvDtOE9ZveDbBw
"All Things Bright and Beautiful" is formed by Ah Li and Joanne. Ah Li majored in Cinema and Television at Hong Kong Baptist University and took classes in animation. After graduation, she worked as an animator at Animation Workshop. Meanwhile, Joanne is an illustrator, she created a series of comics based on the theme of God, and published a picture book called My Museum in Germany this year. The two started "All Things Bright and Beautiful" in 2011, illustrating cards and postcards, selling stationery products, as well as holding art exhibitions and workshops. The creations of "All Things Bright and Beautiful" are colourful, childlike and humourous. The two love animals and nature, and their inspirations come from God's creations, as well as the idea that everything is bright and beautiful. They hope that their creations can also inspire and bring joy to those around them.


Public Open Space, G/F, Comix Home Base


Free Admission

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