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The 23rd ifva Festival

Date & Time:
06/03/2018 - 20/03/2018

ifva is, and has always been, a platform for all creative talents to manifest their creativity, which is never distant and inaccessible.


The festival will be unveiled by the media arts exhibition “CINEMA 2.0: Dark Mirrors”, which starts with the face that every person possesses and delves into an exploration into the relationship between cinema and human portraits. At the same venue, works by finalists of the Media Art Category of the ifva Awards will be exhibited, covering ordinary topics in extraordinary expressions, pushing the boundaries of the media employed.


The Animation Category, receiving entries from Asia for the first time, proves to be equally creative. For short films in other categories, even the scales of production are much smaller than any blockbuster, they demonstrate a creativity akin to the DIY theme of this year’s trailer.


The jurors of the ifva Awards are, without exceptions, exceptional creative talents. Taiwanese director Tom Lin will be attending the Festival to share with audience their works and experiences. Local independent filmmaker Fruit Chan, known for low-budget but high-quality productions, made the acclaimed Little Cheung, and the film is selected for Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – People Cinema.


Jockey Club ifva Everywhere includes other programmes, such as the 48 Hour Film Challenge that squeezed the creative juice out of the contestants with a tight deadline. These works will be screened in a theatrical setting for the first time. Also showcase of ifva’s initiative, “All About Us” that offers media education to ethnic minority youths, will have the participants’ works shown at the Festival. Short films that went to France under the “HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS” initiative will be returning to Hong Kong for local audience to enjoy all at once during the ifva Festival as well.


Creativity is never out of reach, as long as you look for it.

Details: | http://www.ifva.com/?p=14845&lang=en


“CINEMA 2.0 Dark Mirrors” Media Art Exhibition

Cinema is a medium of faces. From mega blockbusters to peculiar style of movies, the silver screen in cinema is showing human faces most of the time. Through subtle and emotional faces of the actors and actresses, audience see themselves as much as they see others. Curated by Ip Yuk-yiu, “Cinema 2.0: Dark Mirrors” Media Arts Exhibition brings works from three oversea artists including: Acci Baba (Japan), Shinseungback Kimyonghun (South Korea) and Heather Dewey-Hagborg (USA) together, to explore the relationship between cinema and faces.


Opening | 6/3 (6:30pm)

Exhibition Date & Time | 6/3 (Tue) – 20/3 (Tue) (12nn-8pm)

Venue | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15317&lang=en


Curator Guided Tour | 18/3 (4pm)

Curator Ip Yuk-yiu will lead the guided tour and share with visitors his curatorial concepts.

Registration | http://www.ifva.com/reg



The 23nd ifva Awards – Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition

Starting from personal perceptions, identities and experiences, or departing from the natural or urban environment, or touching upon the topical Fin-Tech, or going back to the nature of a certain medium with a thorough understanding thereof… Familiar issues are defamiliarised by media, and artists push the boundaries of media through never-before attempts.


Exhibition Date & Time | 6/3 (Tue) – 20/3 (Tue) (12nn-8pm)

Venue | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15261&lang=en

Exhibition opening and Media Art Category Awards Presentation at 6:30pm on 6/3


The 23rd ifva Awards – Open Category Finalist Showcase

Everyone has his or her own story. We have those marginalised, those oppressed, those aspiring for future, those flying high and diving deep for their own beliefs… But no matter how much you yearn for the outside world, you still need to face your inner self, with utmost honesty.


Programme 1

Date & Time | 9/3 (Fri) 7:45pm

Programme 2

Date & Time | 10/3 (Sat) 7:45pm


Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Tickets | HK$ 65/35*

With after-screening discussion | Moderator: Nose Chan

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15184&lang=en


The 23rd ifva Awards – Youth Category Finalist Showcase

Hong Kong youths bid farewell to their carefree childhood perhaps a little too early. Studies, exams and their own pursuits outside the academics bring about stress as intense as those adults are facing. First-hand experience in issues about family, romance, death… are all hastening their coming-of-age.


Date & Time | 10/3 (Sat) 7:45pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Tickets | HK$ 65/35*

With after-screening discussion | Moderator: Wong Fei-pang

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15078&lang=en


The 23rd ifva Awards – Animation Category Finalist Showcase

For the first time the Animation Category of the ifva Awards accepts entries from all over Asia, resulting in an unprecedented diversity: from imaginative fictions to real-life stories about family and society, from abstract to concrete, from ancient setting to modern context… All different contents and forms offer an animated world that blends the real and the imagined.


Date & Time | 17/3 (Sat) 2pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Tickets | HK$ 65/35*

With after-screening discussion

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15147&lang=en


The 23rd ifva Awards – Asian New Force Category Finalist Showcase

Film as a world language, a clear message delivered by the ten entries of this year’s Asian New Force Category. From the empowerment and daily life of foreign workers in Taiwan, to the two works about (un)heard voices as metaphors from Thai and Lebanon directors, and followed by two very unusual cross-species relationships from Japan… Films now not only serve as the medium for stories, but also the medium for issues that worth our attention beyond different boundaries.


Date & Time | 16/3 (Fri) 7:15pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Tickets | HK$ 65/35*

With after-screening discussion| Moderator: Cheung Tit-leung

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15308&lang=en


The 23rd ifva Awards – Jury Recommendation

There are 19 shorts that are recommended by the jury, with every one of them being a unique piece of gem. The three free admission programmes include the followings: Programme 1 is a depiction of our everyday life; Programme 2 is the different representations of the crazy world; and Programme 3 is a journey from the most personal scenario to a national level incident.


Programme 1

Date & Time | 3/3 (Sat) 2:30pm

Programme 2

Date & Time | 3/3 (Sat) 4:30pm

Programme 3

Date & Time | 3/3 (Sat) 7:30pm


Venue | Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum

Free Admission | Registration http://www.ifva.com/reg

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15339&lang=en


Never Stop Creating: Screening and Talk by Tom Lin

Tom Lin is one of the leading forces of the new generation of Taiwan cinema. Lin’s creative path seems smooth but the truth is there are so many more rejected projects than the realised ones. He derives, from the twists and turns in life, the power of gentleness and kindness in his creations. Besides screening two short films by Lin, he will also talk about how the creative process remains the best cure to problems in life.


Date & Time | 18/3 (Sun) 2pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Tickets | HK$ 65/35*

Conducted in Mandarin | Guest: Tom Lin | Moderator: Joyce Yang

Details | www.ifva.com/?p=15430&lang=en


Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – People Cinema: Little Cheung

Hong Kong’s grassroots often take centre stage in Fruit Chan’s films, from the “1997 Trilogy” to The Midnight After. Urban spaces, inhabited by these people, appears as if a character in his films. The latest edition of Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – People Cinema, which always bring alternative cinematic experiences in public spaces, will be screening Fruit Chan’s Little Cheung in Tamar Park. Enjoy a film filled with Hong Kong sentiment facing the Victoria Harbour, which is also iconic to Hong Kong.


Date & Time | 2/3 (Fri) 7:30pm

Venue | Tamar Park

Free Admissio | Registration http://www.ifva.com/reg

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15405&lang=en



Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – 48 Hour Film Challenge Showcase

Participating teams had to create a brand new short film with the theme “Critical Moment” in 48 hours. From scriptwriting, seeking location, casting to rolling, and followed by post-production like editing and sound design, the teams have literally experienced some critical moments. The “Jury Prize” was chosen by professional jurors Kwan Pun-leung, Yau Nai-hoi and Clement Cheng while the premiere audiences have casted their votes for “Audience Prize” in December 2017.


Date & Time | 15/3 (Thu) 7:30pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Free admission | Registration http://www.ifva.com/reg

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15161&lang=en



All About Us 2017/18 Student Creative Film Showcase

“All About Us” – a creative media education scheme designed for ethnic minority youths in the city has come to its eighth edition. Under guidance of teaching artists and their seniors, participants have made films about realistic scenarios such as school bullying and friendships, as well as imaginative stories about aliens and intelligent agents. Two outstanding works from the “36-hour Intensive Shooting Challenge” will also be screened.


Date & Time | 11/3 (Sun) 2pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

With after-screening discussion | Moderator: Lai Yan-chi, Mo

Free admission | Registration http://www.ifva.com/reg

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15287&lang=en



NEW ACTION EXPRESS Short Film Highlights

HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS (NAE) aims at broadening the horizons of Hong Kong creative talents and helping them gain exposure abroad. Five award-winning titles, screened at 2018 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Market were brought back to local platform, are selected for us to revisit stories that have brought pride to Hong Kong.


Date & Time | 18/3 (Sun) 4pm

Venue | Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

Free admission | Registration http://www.ifva.com/reg

Details | http://www.ifva.com/?p=15377&lang=en

Tickets are available at URBTIX now
Internet Booking | www.urbtix.hk
Credit Card Telephone Booking | 2111 5999
Ticketing Enquiries | 3761 6661
Programme Enquiries | 2824 5329 / ifva@hkac.org.hk

* Concession tickets are only available to full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and their accompanying minder, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (Concession tickets for full-time students and CSSA recipients are available on a first-come-first-served basis).


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