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Thematic Book Display: Japan International MANGA Award – Award-winning Hong Kong Comics

Date & Time:
13/04/2018 - 13/05/2018  From 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Diversified, unique and well-recognised in the international comics market, Hong Kong comics is favoured by readers from different countries. Coming to its 11th edition, the Japan International MANGA Award receives over 300 entries from 60 regions every year. Despite the huge competition, a number of Hong Kong comics stood out and won the accolade.
‘Hot off the press’ – winners of this year include Dai Hing-yin’s Secret Weapon and Eric Cheng’s Westward. Comix Salon will display their works, as well as previous award-winning titles like Sun Zi's Tactics by Lee Chi-ching, and Feel 100% by Jeffrey Lau (Gold Award) for your perusal.
Founded in 2007 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the International MANGA Award aims to enhance international exchange and mutual understanding through the Manga culture, which is widely accepted around the world. The Award honors outstanding comics artists who are contributing to the development of Manga culture in the world.
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base

Date:                      13/4/2018-13/5/2018
Time:                      12nn-8pm (Closed on Mon)
Venue:                    Comix Salon (2/F, Comix Home Base, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai)
Free Admission
1st edition - Gold Award
Sun Zi's Tactics
Author: LEE Chi-ching
An honorary advisor of the Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation, a member of the Hong Kong Contemporary Artists Association, and the vice-president of Hong Kong Macau Taiwan Artists Association. Lee began his career in drawing and art in 1981, creating comics, illustrations, Chinese ink paintings and Western paintings. In 1993, his creation Three Kingdoms garnered both popular appeal as well as critical acclaim, making him the first Hong Kong artist to make a mark on the Japanese manga scene. Lee has created over one hundred publications, such as Sun Zi's Tactics and Three Kingdoms, The Eagle Shooting Heroes, and more diversified works like illustration book Those were the Days. Lee has devoted himself to creating works for various organisations and the community at large. Lee's artworks are into a wide range of readership, in recent years he has helped with creating artworks for the HKSAR, the Hong Kong Housing Society, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, The Hotel Peninsula Hong Kong and the wall of Central Market, etc.
Silver Award
Author: KAI

Kai is a prolific Hong Kong comics artist proficient in diverse styles. In 1995, she won an award in Taiwan's Tongli New Talent Competition. Her published works include Big Adventure of the Courager, The Holmes Theater, School Day, and 1520, as well as numerous short stories. Under the name of Little Black, Kai creates cover art and illustrations for the novels written by Jirō Akagawa and Kei Yuikawa. She is also an active and popular dōjinshi writer in Hong Kong.
Bronze Award
《栽蘭中学 新!科学部》
Author: Joey HANMA
2nd edition - Gold Award
Feel 100%
Author: Jeffrey LAU Wan-kit
Lau is a famous Hong Kong comics artist, graduated from the Department of Design of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education in 1982. He became an artist-in-chief for local comics in 1988 and published his first solo work, Interlude, in 1991. His signature comics series, Feel 100%, published between 1992 and 2007, was adapted into several films and TV dramas, which quickly attracted a huge following among young people. In 2009, Jeffrey published a sports comics called HAPPY TENNIS and was awarded the Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service by the Hong Kong SAR Government in the same year. In 2011, he released another comics called Mysterious Man while working on his illustration series FACELOOK in Skypost. The year 2012 marked another move in his career as he founded his own company – Mystery Studio. In 2013, he served as the host of the art and magic section of Gorilla Study Group, a programme of Television Broadcast Limited (TVB). In 2015, he collaborated with an experienced tennis coach for SMART TENNIS, in addition to publishing his illustrated adaptation of the film Guia in Love.
4th edition - Bronze Award
Little Thunder became a full-time comics artist in 2001 and received the Best New Artist Award at the China-Japan Comics Exchange in 2002. She subsequently published numerous works, and held touring exhibitions in various countries. In 2010, she published the first book of the series KYLOOE in France. Her latest works include The Blister Exists and ME. She has also collaborated with many different parties, including French singer Jena Lee; local artists Denise Ho, Rubberband and Jun Kung; as well as big international brands such as Givenchy and Lanvin on music videos, illustrations, comic strips and large-scale window displays.
7th edition - Bronze Award
City of Darkness
Artist: Andy SETO  
Andy Seto has been working in the Hong Kong comics industry for over 20 years. His character design is known for its grace and beauty, and his unique style is especially well-liked by readers. Over the years he has produced countless works, and Cyber Weapon Z in particular was the first Hong Kong comics to be published in full colour. In 1999, he established Neosun Company Limited and published the famous re-adapted work The King of Fighters Z. In 2007, he joined One Comics Publishing Limited and presented The Legend of Wen Ruian’s Martial Heroes and City of Darkness, launching spin-off products such as garage kits, online games and tabletop games. He is now serialising his latest work Never Over on the comics mobile application “ac.qq.com”.
Author: YU YI

Yu Yi is an experienced comics screenplay writer. The themes of his works include martial art, kung fu fighting, romance, black comedy, etc. He joined the industry of literary publication after publishing his first novel City of Darkness. The novel was then adapted into comics, with Yu Yi as the screenplay writer. In addition, he also created Z for Zombie series and First Met in May. These works have been licensed for movie, comics, smart phone games, and stage drama adaptation respectively. In 2013, he started the publishing house Creation Cabin Limited, promoting local creations. Until now, the company has published over 50 works, including comics, novels, children illustrated books, illustrated photo albums, etc. Yu Yi is both the producer and chief editor of the company.
11th edition - Bronze Award
Secret Weapon
Author: DAI Hing-yin
Dai is an illustrator and comics artist. In 1997, he published his solo collection Beyen Portfolio. He serialised works for Ming Pao’s children magazine during 1998 and 1999. In 2001, he published Secret Weapon. In 2002, he serialised short comic strips in TVB Weekly and Hello-T. In addition to his comics online, he published The Eight. Ten. Six in 2011, and collaborated with Fred Wan on The Legend of Genghis in 2012. In 2013, he collaborated with Leung Wai-ka for the comics Extinction Game.
Author: Eric CHENG
Cheng entered the comics industry in 1992, having worked for Kwong's Creations Comics Limited and Ocean Creative Company Limited. He started writing comics in 1999, publishing The Legend of Evil Devils. His name began to be known as he took over the title Warlord Phoenix. Cheng embarked on his solo career in 2006. Dragon, The Shadow Killer, God Legion series 1-3, North Defector, The Warlord, and Journey to the West are some of the examples among his comics portfolio. In 2014, the French version of his work Wolf & Mary was published. In 2015, the work was adapted into a movie in Taiwan, and received the Best New Director Award at Indonesia’s Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival (FYFF).


Comix Salon (2/F, Comix Home Base, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai)


Free Admission


Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base


Closed on Mon

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