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Art of Commercials 2018

Date & Time:
11/06/2018 - 24/06/2018

Commercials are information for options. Effective commercials address our needs and inspire our daily lives and the greater world.
To widen the conversation with moving image enthusiasts and media professionals, the Hong Kong Arts Centre presents Art of Commercials annually to showcase award nominated and winning commercials from Hong Kong and beyond, demonstrating the best concepts and crafts of promotional communications. This year, our awards include ADFEST, The Clio Awards, Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (FIAP), the Korean TVCF Advertising Awards, The AICP Awards (US) and Hong Kong’s Kam Fan Awards. These works beat the pulses of our time. Their concepts, energies and aesthetics will electrify your senses and blow your mind.
This year’s seminar, titled Why Are Ideas Banned?, Stephen Chung (experienced ad man, Secret Tour Hong Kong Co-Founder/Director) tells stories of banned ideas, and how their uselessness are also useful. The seminar is conducted in Cantonese.
Screening and seminar tickets is now available at URBTIX.


To cater to the needs of advertising fans, AOC All Pass is available for purchase on art-mate.net. Each AOC All Pass includes one entry for each of the Art of Commercials Programmes 1 to 4 and the Seminar. (Sold Out)


Due to enthusiastic response to the AOC All Pass, the Hong Kong Arts Centre is also making the AOC SCREENING PASS available for sale! Each AOC Screening Pass entitles an audience member one screening of each AOC programme. (Book Now)  


Programme 1
Selection from the Kam Fan Awards and the Korean TVCF Advertising Awards 2017
Duration: 90 minutes
In Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Korean with English subtitles
Screening times: 11/6 (Mon) 19:30 |14/6 (Thu) 19:30 |19/6 (Tue) 21:30
The Kam Fan Awards recognises Hong Kong’s best advertising talents and works. While Hong Kong commercials are peppy, they also throw a light on serious social issues. Which is the familiar lion that supported equal rights for the LGBT? And that women are much more than a so-called “career line”? Let us not forget to applaud our boxing champ Rex Tso while we hope to improve the poor’s living conditions. As we toil through our busy everyday, Korean pop culture is a source of comfort. The works of the Korean TVCF Advertising Awards continue to be inspiringly slick and socially sensitive. How did Moon Jae-in promote himself when he ran for president? How can we recycle cow fart? Let us get energised by the smile of warm man Gong Yoo.
Programme 2
Selection from Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (FIAP) and The AICP Show 2017
Duration: 90 minutes
In Portuguese, Spanish and English with English subtitles
Screening times: 12/6 (Tue) 21:30 |13/6 (Wed) 19:30 |23/6 (Sat) 16:30
FIAP is the first advertising festival that celebrates marketing creativity in Spanish and Portuguese influenced regions. As FIAP’s works unveil certain social issues, they also rejoice over the rich heritage of arts and culture. This year, we present The AICP Show alongside. The AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) nurtures the creative powers of American independent commercial companies, and sees advertising as a form of art. Each edition of The AICP Show is added to the archive of the Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art. Spike Jonze went on a beautiful and fragrant escapade from a dinner party. Being John Malkovich is also being a fashion designer. How to derive truth from love? How to challenge assumptions? Just see this Show. Just do it.
Programme 3
Selection from ADFEST 2017
Duration: 109 minutes
In Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, English, Hindi and others with English subtitles
Screening time:11/6 (Mon) 21:20 | 13/6 (Wed) 21:20 | 19/6 (Tue) 19:30 | 24/6 (Sun) 14:30 (Sold Out) 
Audiences have been captivated by ADFEST’s local Asian-Pacific styles and sentiments over the years. Taiwanese noodles give us warmth in our hectic lives of complexes. Japanese commercials are still dazzling with its inexplicable cool. Director Tsai Ming-liang’s leading man, Lee Kang-sheng, shows us how to enjoy slow life with a good whiskey. For poor children that are vulnerable to human trafficking and the deprivation of proper education, how do commercials try to draw public attention?
Programme 4
Selection from the Clio Awards 2017
Duration: 93 minutes
In English, Japanese, Greek and others with English subtitles
Screening times: 12/6 (Tue) 19:30 | 14/6 (Thu) 21:30 | 24/6 (Sun) 16:30
The Clio Awards is one of the most established international advertising awards, and it honours innovation and creative excellence annually. If James Blunt says you are beautiful, do you want to punch him? When Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley hang out, how do they have fun? Love Tokyo? Watch the changes in its popular culture over the past 40 years. On an occasional blue day, we all want some love, and probably a good haircut, and maybe a good razor.
Seminar : Why Are Ideas Banned?
Date and time: 23/6 (Sat) 14:30
Speaker: Stephen Chung (experienced ad man, Co-Founder of Secret Tour Hong Kong)

Conducted in Cantonese.
Commercials are like sperm – while thinking up a proposal, a billion ideas get shot out, but only one idea makes it, and the others get dumped. Ideas are often banned, and the most fascinating memories lie in those banned ones. Every banned idea is ingrained with what Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi once coined “the usefulness of uselessness”. If there are no banned ideas, how can there be that one brilliant idea?
About the speaker
Stephen Chung graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is Co-Founder/Director of Secret Tour Hong Kong (STHK) and a guest lecturer in advertising at the Hong Kong Shue Yan University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After working in the creative departments of 4As advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, McCann & Spencer and TBWA, Stephen co-founded Secret Tour Hong Kong (featured on BBC, CNN, etc.), a tour agency that introduced the authentic faces of Hong Kong to the city’s visitors. The company was later transformed into a brand experience agency. Its diverse portfolio includes promotional campaigns for charities and commercial enterprises. Stephen is a TedX speaker and a columnist for local publications such as am730 and Weekend Weekly Online.


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Seminar tickets: $50/*$40

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AOC All Pass (Sold Out)
Includes one entry for each of Programme 1 to 4 and the Seminar
To be purchased on art-mate.net
Price: $250


AOC Screening Pass

Each AOC Screening Pass entitles an audience member one screening of each AOC programme 

To be purchased on art-mate.net (Book Now

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Special Thanks: ADFEST, The Clio Awards, Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad, The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong, The Korean TVCF Advertising Awards, The AICP Show

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