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The 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Date & Time:
26/03/2010 - 06/04/2010

More than forty screenings to be shown.  They include the programmes of The Avant Garde, The Devil’s Playground, The 15th ifva Awards Showcase, and the 1st Hong Kong International Short Film Competition which is organised by HKIFF etc.


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Ordinary Screenings  $60/36*
Weekday Matinee Screenings  $40/24*




Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited


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Belgium, Germany /2009 /Col /35mm /109mins
Dir: P. Brosens, J. Woodworth

Date & Time: 01/04  12:30pm

After the meticulously shot Khadak, Brosens and Woodworth
leave Mongolia and leap across to Peru for another hyper-stylised,
impressively photographed drama. Altiplano, Best Film winner
at the Bangkok Film Festival, is a tale about a war photographer.

La Pivellina
Austria, Italy /2009 /Col /35mm /101mins
Dir: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Date & Time: 01/04  2:45pm

Filmmakers Covi and Frimmel successfully translate their
documentary techniques into this remarkable cinema verite
feature.  Using natural lighting and background sound, the
duo cast non-actors – circus performers who live in trailer
parks outside of Rome – and capture their community’s joys,
laughs and heartbreaks with astonishing authenticity.  Best
European Film, Cannes Directors’ Fortnight.

Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl (Singularidades de uma Rapariga Loura)
Portugal, France /2009 /Col /35mm /63mins
Dir: Manoel de Oliveira

Date & Time: 01/04  5:45pm

While on the train, a man recounts his tale of love and woe
 to a receptive middle-aged lady.  His object of desire?
The titular blond-haired girl.  Though fable-like, droll
and brief, the intellectual heft makes this surprising tale
both modern and anachronistic.

Short Film Competition Programme IV
2009 /Col /72mins

Date & Time: 01/04  7:15pm

A man does everything to get his wife back and put an end
to his crisis in Jose Luis Montesinos’ The Same Old Story. 
The Funeral of Grandpa Xia by Yao Xu, Kang Jiaxiang and Yu
Shaobin concerns an old beggar who lives under an intersection
along the boundary of Shenzhen.  Mister R and his wife plot
 a clothing revolution in a 1970s suburb in Jean-Christophe
Lie’s The Man in the Blue Gordini.  A man heads to the city
and encounters The Barriers in Mikhail Red’s short film. 
Werner, seventy-five, just lost his wife.  This is when he
decides to rebuilt The Berlin Wall (Paul Cotter). Screening
with The Yellow Slipper by Fruit Chan.

Germany /2009 /Col /35mm /110mins
Dir: Volker Koepp

Date & Time: 01/04  9:30pm#

Veteran German filmmaker Volker Koepp has made documenting
the history and inhabitants of the areas east of the river
Elbe his life’s work.  With humour and wistfulness, he
reflects upon the land and the people of these areas,
tracing the wounds of the past and the hopes of the present.

# This screening will be attended by the director and /or actors

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Selection
Hong Kong  /Col /87mins

Date & Time: 02/04  10:30am

Funeral (Anthony Yan) and New Year Baby (Frank Hui) are TVCs
commissioned by Mother’s Choice, telling stories of crisis
pregnancies.  Little by Little (Leung Kin Pong) – a little
boy keeps on having nightmares after witnessing someone’s
suicide.  A Good Thing (Kiwi Chow) – loneliness can be fatal
but friendship can heal.  Suki is saved by her friend’s
promise.  Chinese Opera Boy (Clara Wong) – a kid dreams of
becoming a Cantonese Opera master.  Can he stand the hardship?
Save My Son (Henky Chan) – the mother does not teach her
son well.  Finally she gives him the most tragic lesson.

Short Film Competition Programme I
2009 /Col /81mins

Date & Time: 02/04  12:30pm

Madagascar, A Journey Diary by Bastien Dubois is an animated
travel journal that illustrates the Malagasy people’s
traditional customs.  Three siblings search for each other
through wild landscapes and wilder aural selections in If There
Be Thorns (Michael Robinson).  Linda C. H. Lai’s Non-place ‧
Other Space is a visual ethnography of the city space in Hong
Kong and Macao from 1991-2008.  Lights by Giulio Ricciarelli
is the comedic story of a small-town police officer who dreams
of being a hero.  In Martin Lund’s Pistachio, Daniel has a
strange encounter while waiting in a park for his girlfriend.
Screening with Red Earth by Clara Law.

La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet (La danse - Le ballet de l’Opera de Paris)
France, USA /2009 /Col /35mm /159mins
Dir: Frederick Wiseman

Date & Time: 02/04  3pm; 04/04  9pm

Seminal filmmaker Frederick Wiseman’s newest work, hailed
as “one of the finest dance films ever made” by the New
York Times, explores the famed Palais Garnier in Paris while
capturing the inner world of ballet.  Wiseman’s formalist
esthetics allows us to fully appreciate the actual process of
ballet’s artistry, as well as the institution of the Palais
itself.  From the observations of rehearsals to the final
performances of such classics as The Nutcracker, the graceful
La Danse beguiles and fascinates in equal measures.

The Postgal Animation Collection
2003-2010  /Col /Beta /60mins

Date & Time: 02/04  6pm#

This compilation of Postgal Workshop’s short films are
exemplars of Postgal’s distinct aesthetic: minimal dialogue,
aggressively colourful palettes, and an intensely local flavour. 
The hand-drawn animations deal with aspects of Hong Kong life
not often dealt with in any media.

# This screening will be attended by the director

Crossing the Mountain (Fan Shan)
2009  /Col /DigiBeta /90mins
Dir: Yang Rui

Date & Time: 02/04  9pm#

Enigmatic yet poetic, opaque yet full of symbolisms–Crossing
the Mountain is the extremely mature debut for Yang Rui.  A
rare ethnographic portrait of the people of Wa, who live in the
southwest mountains near the Burmese border, the film follows
some passionate youths as they grapple with tradition and their
future.  Significantly, “crossing the mountain” is a practice
that is both literal and figurative as the shifting nature of
relationships unfolds.

#This screening will be attended by the director and/ or actors

Hong Kong Baptist University Selection
Hong Kong /Col /77mins

Date & Time: 03/04  10:30am

Works by undergraduate and MFA students. Stealing (Amy Ip):
A story about an accident, and it came accidentally. UCP (Marco Sparmberg) as an interactive social media project depicts the topic of copyright and intellectual property abuse in modern film production.  It’s Raining (Feng Mengsha): A student director wants to film a story about tennis.  It was heavily raining when the shooting day came.  The crew became inpatient... Francis (Elaine Li) is about the sudden “love” story of an old man who has never been in love.  What is this kind of “love”? Shui Mei (Cyrus Chan): When people and places are marginalised and urbanised to the utmost, hope can only be derived from our sensibility.

Short Film Competition Programme II
2009 /Col /72mins

Date & Time: 03/04  12:30pm#

Mr. Sakurai at the Ticket Counter by Kim Dong-hun is a mini-road
movie made up mostly of silhouettes.  Ascan Breuer’s Paradise
Later is a critique of globalisation through the heart of darkness:
modern Indonesia. Gregorio Graziosi’s Mira explores the emptiness
as meaning.  A hairdresser and a bartender set out to find a certain
drink in Cocktail Definition (Thomas Lo).  In Eric Gross’ The
Fortune Writer, Kirby crafts fortune cookie messages specifically
for each customer.  Benjamin’s father is a Beast (Lars p Arendt)
who hurts his mother, until the boy takes matters into his own hands. 
Screening with Fried Glutinous Rice by Herman Yau.

# This screening will be attended by the director and/ or actors

Avant Garde Programme III: Lewis Klahr
USA /2009-2010  /Col /DigiBeta /64mins
Dir: Lewis Klahr

Date & Time: 03/04  3pm

Known for his esoteric, clever and richly constructed collage
animations, this programme collects several of Klahr’s most
notable shorts, including the defining Lethe, Nimbus Smile and
Nimbus Seeds from the Prolix Satori series.  Klahr’s distinctive
cut and paste, which uses post-war images from newspapers and
comic books, distils the essence of American consumerism while
simultaneously exploring the dreamscape of the national psyche. 
Also screening are Wednesday Morning Two A.M, and the premiere
of Cumulonimbus, a new chapter in the Prolix series, and Sugar
Slim Says.

The Philippines /1997 /Col /DVCAM /106mins
Dir: Raymond Red

Date & Time: 03/04  6pm

Originally an award-winning short feature made in 1984, this
film is Raymond Red’s full-length feature realisation some
thirteen years later.  Signaling a new direction for the
director, Kamada is a moody psychological thriller that
follows a musician who is looking for a peaceful place to
work on his compositions.  He rents a room in a boarding house
populated with strange and mysterious denizens. Preceded by
Meckham (2001, 4mins) and A Study for the Skies (1988, 12mins).

Seven Days in Heaven
2010 /Col /DigiBeta /93mins
Dir: Essay Liu, Wang Yu-lin

Date & Time: 03/04  9pm

Lin Guo Yuan has just died.  Over the seven days of the
Taoist mourning ritual that follows, the impact on his son
Da-zhi, daughter Mei, nephew Zhuang, sister-in-law Chin and
Yi, the priest overseeing the ceremony is explored as each
reflects on their relationship with the dead man.  Coded in
vivid colour – and perhaps making the best use of “Hava
Nagila” ever on film – Seven Days in Heaven sees both the
absurd comedy and heartbreaking emotion found in death,
placing validity in every kind of response to it.

City University of Hong Kong Selection
Hong Kong  /Col /Beta /85mins

Date & Time: 04/04  10:30am

Works from the School of Creative Media including a story
addressing gender issue His Guitar (Chan Wing-man), A Letter
to My Dear Friend (Lo Man-yan), thoughts on body and social
identity Misunderstood Murmur (Huang Yunyi), a story on revenge
Unforgivable (Leung Yu-tian), exploring solitude PX4896 (Li Shu),
the day of destruction Little Angel (Man Pui-hing), depicting
two individuals Leap (Martin Sarreal), exploring the consumption
pattern X’mas Tree (Sin Tsz-man), depicting freedom Write
(Wong Chun), a monologue from a Pakistani Five Minutes (Wu Hong-lun),
about memories of history Deep in Mind (Lo Chun-yip) and an
animation sequence A Gatsby tALE (Zhou Jia).

Avant Garde Programme I
35mm /73mins

Date & Time: 04/04  12:30pm

Shots of organic patterns taken from Lumphini park form
a visual montage in Nishikawa Tomonari’s Lumphini 2552 (3mins). 
Using just disposable flash cameras, Sebastjan Henrickson
captures moments from each day for one whole year to create
Flash Camera Movie (30mins).  Sidewalk (30mins) is a study
of one New York City sidewalk, filmed over four months, by
director Karl Kels. Lastly, Daichi Saito’s Trees of Syntax,
Leaves of Axis (10mins), a collaboration with composer/violinist
Malcolm Goldstein, explores landscape imagery taken at Mount-Royal
Park in Montreal, Canada.

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong) Selection
Hong Kong  /Col /Beta /85mins

Date & Time: 05/04  10:30am

Tree, Magdelene and Isolate offer distinctive forms of
visual experience to viewers, which demonstrate the animators’
artistic ambition in visual texture exploration. 
Love, Partition (Carr Tong) experiments with the boundary
between linear narrative and non-linear narrative. 
The Fresh Wave Grand Prize winner Basket (Wong Hin-yeung)
urges the public’s attention to the problem of abandoned
elderly. Country Town (Ivana Lai and Lynx Wong) presents the
rural and urban mode of living in parallel.  Comedy I Love
Stephen Chow (Chan Ka-ho) expresses the author’s nostalgic
longing for the earlier works of Stephen Chow.

Avant Garde Programme II
Col & B&W /DVCAM, DigiBeta, 16mm /84mins

Date & Time: 05/04  12:30pm#

Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s acclaimed A Letter to Uncle
Boonmee (18mins) examines remembrance and extinction in
northeast Thailand. In Paolo Gioli’s work, Faces by a Person
Unknown (11mins) are found in an anonymous film from the
early 20th century.  Friedl vom Groller (Kubelka) contributes
three works with Passage Briare (3mins), Polterabend (3 min)
and Hochzeit (3mins).  Hiraoka Sachiko and Haku Yoshihiro’s
Ta-ta Tosy TiT (6mins) is a crazy collage animation.  Finally,
Ho Tzu-nyen’s epic Earth (40mins) depicts our planet in the
aftermath of an unknown disaster.

# This screening will be attended by the director and/ or actors

One Night in Supermarket (Ye Dian)
2009 /Col /DigiBeta /90mins

Dir: Yang Qing

Date & Time: 05/04  3pm

It’s another boring nightshift for a geeky convenience
store clerk (Qiao Renlang) and his cute coworker – until
they’re taken hostage by a disgruntled lottery-winner.
He Sanshui (Xu Zheng of Crazy Stone) can’t collect his
winnings due to a glitch, so he decides to take over the
store until he earns the same amount.  Easier said than
done, especially once a gang of real criminals shows up...
With an array of celebrity cameos and lightning-fast physical
comedy, debut writer-director Yang Qing makes this “night
in supermarket” one to remember.

Two in the Wave (Deux de la vague)
France /2009  /Col /B&W /DigiBeta /92mins
Dir: Emmanuel Laurent

Date & Time: 05/04  6pm#

Cinema as we know it would be unimaginable without the
crucial friendship between two key figures of the French
New Wave: Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.  The
documentary recalls both men’s backgrounds as well as
their collaboration on the Cahiers du Cinema publication. 
Two in the Wave uses archival footage and clippings to
transport us back to those seminal times.

# This screening will be attended by the director and / or actors

The Philippines /2009 /Col & B&W /35mm /77mins
Dir: Raya Martin

Date & Time: 05/04  9pm

If Raya Martin’s directorial debut A Short Film about the
Indio Nacional (30th HKIFF) signaled the arrival of a new,
uncompromising formalist talent, then the sumptuous,
metaphorical Independencia confirms the promise.  Gorgeously
shot in black-and-white in a studio with an artificial set
and painted backdrops, Martin evokes the early sound films
of the same era.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Selection
Hong Kong /Col /Beta/70mins

Date & Time: 06/04  10:30pm

This is a selection of students’ work from School of Design’s
BA (Hons) in Digital Media and MSc in Multimedia & Entertainment
Technology, including 2D, 3D animation, promotion clips and
short movies.  2D animation includes Bubble, Forgether,
anti-domestic violence promo 18281, Anti-Drug promo Alien,
copyright protection promo Illegal Sharing Cannot be a Secret,
and also short clip on modern technology Cell, encouraging
clip Hou2 Tin1 Hei3, clip about material world Ting Hai Effect. 
Others include Stickman, Rhyme, Wonderful Life and also Video
for Sugar which is the effort of all BA (Hons) in Digital Media
Year One students.

Avant Garde Programme IV
2009 /Col /Beta /16mm /67mins

Date & Time: 06/04  12:30pm

The brick is a basic unit of foundation.  And every brick
can be contrasted from one another – in size, in texture,
in density.  In cultures, countries and continents across
the globe, they differ…and yet are the same.  Harun Farocki’s
visually arresting In Comparison (61mins) view bricks not
as clashes in cultures but as a context to the art of building
and production: some are used to erect clinics in Africa,
and others are layered for semi-industrialised molding in India. 
Inger Lise Hansen’s stop-motion Parallax (6mins) is shot on
top of roofs in “inverse perspective”.

2010 /Col & B&W /HDV /356mins
Dir: Xu Xin

Date & Time: 06/04  2pm

The possible conspiracy surrounding the 1994 theatre fire
that took the lives of 323 people in Xinjiang Province –
most of them schoolchildren, none of them government officials
or business leaders at the event – isn’t the real subject
of Xu Xin’s moving and compelling epic documentary.  Shot
in stark, steady black and white, the parents of children
who died in the disaster are given an arena to finally voice
their rage, fear, self-loathing and frustration in an exhaustive
study of the lingering emotional impact of the tragedy over
a decade later.  (15mins intermission)

The Family Complete (+ cat 3 logo)
Japan /2010 /Col /DVCam /106mins /Category III
Dir: Imaizumi Koichi

Date & Time: 06/04  9pm#

The director of the sweet gay first love story Hatsu-koi
does a complete 180° with the uncensored, ultra-explicit The
Family Complete.  What begins like a normal Japanese family
drama quickly descends into absurdity when a man dressed in
a bear suit attacks the young-looking grandfather and uses
him for furry sex.  Soon, incest is the norm, with everyone
getting a piece of grandpa, especially the men.  Well, everyone
but the third son, who prefers to cruise for guys outside. 
And why is everyone in the household so young-looking? To be revealed…

# This screening will be attended by the director and/ or actors

Programme information provided by: Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited

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