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The Arts Centre serves as a unique Creative Hub. We have galleries, theatres and a cinema where people can enjoy a variety of arts events, making the Arts Centre a focal point for art lovers, and an intriguing place where one can find different kinds of arts events.

The concept of the Arts Centre as a “creative hub” reflects a collegiality among the cultural organizations. More importantly, the uniqueness of the Arts Centre lies in the fact that it provides all the essentials for the creative industries, including nurturing artists and providing office space and a venue for cultural presentations.

As an arts education provider, the Art School is one of the largest arts education institutes in Hong Kong. It has trained over 800 award-bearing programme students and over 3,000 short course students each year.

The 19-storey building provides close to 130,000 square feet of office and presentation space and venues for the creative industries to arrange and engage various kinds of arts and cultural events. The award-winning ticketing lobby on the ground floor of the building was designed by CL3 Architects Ltd, an architectural design firm on the 15th floor. The Goethe Institut on the 14th floor always organizes the annual “MAX! German Language Film Festival” film screenings at the agnès b. CINEMA, and this year (2009), the Goethe Institute and the Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards (ifva) co-organized film screenings for the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. Altogether, there are around 20 organizations operating under the Arts Centre's roof.

The Arts Centre is multi-functional and a unique creative hub that is hard to find elsewhere; an ambient environment where arts education is offered to those who are determined to make arts their profession, an administration space for cultural organizations, a variety of venues and facilities for performances and exhibitions. This model not only facilitates the development and growth of the cultural and creative industries, but also provides a distinctive direction to the development of a flourishing arts and cultural scene in Hong Kong.


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