Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads

Hong Kong Arts Centre 

A Cross-disciplinary Artistic Experience

“Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads” will present different cross-disciplinary sessions to break the walls between art and other disciplines.

All things on earth are intertwined in one way or another. Starting from May this year, “Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads” initiates different inter-disciplinary sessions with various disciplines ranging from neuroscience, technology, space, mindfulness, perceptual psychology, etc.  at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Each programme features a local or overseas artist, consists of an artist presentation, an experiential showcase that opens to the public, and a chill-chat salon engaging selected guests, experts and professionals from various disciplines, which are open for the general public to recapture via our online channel.


Programmes Overview:

【Talking Heads #01】Art X Perceptual Psychology: Cross-modal Imagination
【Talking Heads #02】Art X Mindfulness: Listening to the Boundless Universe through Art
【Talking Heads #03】Art X Sound, Mind & Matter: 
Bathing in Frequencies
【Talking Heads #04】Art X Journalism Infographics: From Sketch Practising to New Narratives
【Talking Heads #05】Art X Memory of Body, Object & Space: Alpine Tango

Stay tuned for more cross-disciplinary artistic experiences to freshen up your mind! 

Cultural Masseur Website:

What's On
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2020.08.28 - 2020.11.27
Jockey Club Atrium, G/F - 4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong) 
2020.09.11 - 2020.10.30