Rewarding art experiences often come when all the dots connect. In Hong Kong Arts Centre, we strive not only to provide quality art encounters but also to ensure the audience and the community get the most out of the experience. We believe art should be accessible to all. People could engage themselves with the arts though our exhibitions, docent tours, performances, workshops and other education and outreach projects, to be inspired to dream, reflect and refresh.
We believe art empowers and ignites people passion in life and through our curated art education and outreach programmes, we aim to facilitate the audience to find enjoyment as well as aesthetic response to their life. From children with a curious mind, to kidult who look for artistic challenge and young olds that pursue for enrichment, we tailor-made art appreciation programmes that enable people to enjoy art to its fullest. 

Major Programmes

Cultural Masseur Festival 2022

Cross-disciplinary Artful Experiences to Respond to the Era  Art is life. The coexistence and intersectionality of thoughts, technologies, forms, space,  culture, humans and...

【Out Of The Cube ─ Your Little & Big Feelings】

For more details, please refer to the Chinese version.

Hong Kong Arts Centre Open House and Late Night Series

Open House is a signature annual programme welcoming visitors to immerse in different forms of art and cultures. Audiences will be able to meet their unknown selves through enjoying the...

Hong Kong Arts Centre Ambassador Scheme

Wanna join us? In March 2020, Hong Kong Arts Centre will carry out a long term Ambassador Scheme, we would like to invite art enthusiast to join our programme. Ambassador will provide...

Meditation in Hong Kong

For more programme details, please refer to the Chinese version.

ifva Everywhere Carnival

Art museums are usually in the form of white walls, while cinemas usually equal to big screens and deemed lightings. Could moving images and artworks escape from such spaces?  Jockey...