The Colors and Shadows of my City

Venue: McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2022.11.19 - 2022.11.20
Time: 19th Nov 2022 6:30pm, 20th Nov 2022 3:30pm 
Price: $180 
Presented by:So Lo Ling

We lost many things throughout these years.

No matter the city is rising or declining,

It is still a little place where we live.


There are various kinds of people

and things inside the city.

We live in our own time and pace,

and be immersed in the colour of this city.


The yellow pedestrian lines, sound of traffic light,

a silent tree by the road, pigeons on tram cables,

monotonous streets, and those melancholic eyes of citizens.


These, are the fragments,

fragments of memories in the city.


The season of cotton trees always comes with rain.

I ride my bicycle through the tunnel,

a long shadow is concealing the city we perceive.


In this whole new world,

although everything faded,

our memories will last forever.


— Music and multi-media show —

Sound and Music: Austin Leung, Hin Chow, Sze Yu Hey, So Lo Ling

Lighting: Brain Lee

Coordinator: Tsui Yee Lam

Bassoon: So Lo Ling

Piano: Gigi Ip


Programme Enquiries: 6696 2201 (LULU)

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