HK Salento Int'l Film Festival 2019

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.05.28 - 2019.05.30
Price: $50 
Presented By: Italian Cultural Institute, Salento International Film Festival

The Salento Cinema Film Society, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) , are pleased to present the 8th Annual edition of the Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival and the 2nd edition of the Salento Week, to be held in Hong Kong from May 26 through May 30, 2019.

“The event, unique in its kind” - states SIFF director Gigi Campanile - “aims at promoting experiences of intercultural exchange between Salento and Hong Kong to increase awareness about less internationally known parts of Italy which will be presented through different aspects

The eighth annual edition of the Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival, is part of “Fare Cinema”, a project wanted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the support of the diplomatic consular network and the Italian Cultural Institutes to promote abroad quality Italian film productions. HKSIFF highlights world-class independent films with an Italian and international focus.


28th May 2019 6:30pm

AGADAH directed by Alberto Rondalli | Italy 2018 | 126’
H.K. Premiere |Language: Italian, Spanish with English Subtitles| Catagory III

May 1734, Alfonso of van Worden, a young officer of the Walloon at the service of King Charles, received the order to reach his regiment in Naples in the shortest possible time. Lopez, his faithful servant, having tried to dissuade him from crossing the plateau of the Murgie, because the place is infested with ghosts and disquieting demons, sets off on a journey with him. In a fantastic plot, between dream and reality, which recalls the Decamerone and the Thousand and One Nights, Alfonso will live an initiatory journey, during ten long days, between hallucinations and magic in mysterious caves, infamous inns, scabrous affairs and diabolical apparitions.


28th May 2019 9:00pm

IMPERFECT AGE directed by Ulisse Lendaro | Italy 2017 | 96’
H.K. Premiere | Language: Italian with English Subtitles

A film that goes straight to the heart of emotions. The imperfect age, adolescence, with all its excesses and, indeed, its innumerable imperfections. Camilla is a seventeen-year-old girl with the dream of becoming a dancer, despite her mother's concerns. One day, at dance lesson, she meets Sara, an aspiring dancer like her, and her life will never be the same.


29th May 2019 6:30pm

DOMINO EFFECT directed by Fabio Massa | Italy 2017 | 80’
H.K. Premiere | Language: Italian with English Subtitles

The film tells the story of Lorenzo, a thirty-year-old who finally realizes his dream of going to Africa to teach. Right in the best moment of his experience, bad news about his health unleash a domino effect on his life and on those of the people close to him!


29th May 2019 9:00pm

COWBOY’S HEART directed by Guy Pereira | Brazil 2018 | 120’
H.K. Premiere | Language: Portuguese with English Subtitles

Lucca is a struggling country singer who is forced by his manager Iolanda to record cheesy pop-country songs. Upon a disagreement during a studio recording section, Lucca returns to his hometown in order to find inspiration for his music.


30th May 2019 6:30pm

ISOLATION directed Morteza-Ali Abbas-Mirzaei |Iran 2017 | 93’
H.K. Premiere | Language: Persian with English subtitles

Zohreh is stalked on her way home. She finds this out in the middle of the way and runs away. This leads to her death in a car accident. Her husband, Parviz, has the head jailer's green light to go on bail for 72 hours to bury and say farewell to Zohreh. However, he has other concerns...


30th May 2019 8:20pm

KAYLA directed Kate Bohan |China/USA 2018 | 122’

H.K. Premiere | Language: English, Chinese with English & Mandarin Subtitles

Seven-year-old Kayla's father dies unexpectedly on a mission in the U.S. which changes Kayla's life completely. She takes on the responsibility of her broken family. She inspires the people around her with love and singing. And in the end, she manages to carve out a happy life.

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