HKAC ART Factory 2020

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2020.10.18 - 2021.01.08


Updates on Upcoming Classes of HKAC Art Factory (as at Dec 8)

In light of the current pandemic situation and the Government's latest social distancing measures, please find the new arrangement of the following workshops as follows:

  1. Sound, Mind and Matter by Shane Aspegren
  • All classes are CANCELLED in Season 1 (Nov 2020 – Jan 2021)
  • Resumes in Season 2 (Feb – May 2021)
  1. Flying Low by Yang Hao
  • Classes before Dec 23 (Wed) will be CANCELLED (i.e. Classes on Dec 13,14, 20 & 21)
  • Resumes on Dec 27 (Sun)*
  1. Body Movement by Sarah Xiao
  • Class on Dec 8 (Tue) maintains normal with social distancing measures
  • Class on Dec 13 (Sun) will be CANCELLED
  1. Morning Espresso Writing by Santayana Li
  • Maintains normal with social distancing measures

*We will review the situation and Government’s measures from time to time. If there are any updates on the upcoming classes, we shall inform customers as soon as possible.

If the purchased tokens could not be used up in season 1, they will be automatically extended to season 2 which is expected to begin in Mid-February. Course details will be announced in due course.

Token Purchase

Invigorate Your Artistic Spirit. Come Join Us!


Presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre,《HKAC ART Factory》literally transforms the Centre into a creative hub overflowing with artistic spirits. Joined by distinguished artists each season,《HKAC ART Factory》will serve as a platform for all co-creation, exploration and playful ideas of our curated artists. Be prepared to tap into your limitless creativity and imagination and be inspired to lead an artful life with practices and skills you can hone.


The first season of 《HKAC ART Factory》will feature four series of workshops spanning across body alignment, and movement training as well as mindfulness sound bathing and creative writing, offered by Contemporary dance choreographer Yang Hao (Flying Low) and Sarah Xiao (Body Movement), musician and sound artist Shane Aspegren (Sound, Mind and Matter), as well as Theatre Playwright & Actress Santayana Li (Morning Espresso Writing). They will lead the participants to journey through their world of arts . Either you are an art veteran, or a self-proclaimed art dummy, join this journey curated by professionals; you only need to relax and open your mind and freely immerse in the magic of the art in the《Factory》.

Please press the following photos to view the detailed programme description of each workshops

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All workshops run with a token system, patrons are free to spend their token in any of the workshops as they wish and could switch courses in the middle of the season as they see fit.

Tokens of HKAC Art Factory is now for sale on Hong Kong Arts Centre Online Art Shop!


*1 Token = 60 mins of workshop 

All tokens in the package should be used within two seasons


No. of Token Purchased          Unit Price of Token          Package Price

Single Token                        HKD150/hr                              /

 6 Token Package                    HKD120/hr                      HKD720

12 Token Package                       HKD100/hr                      HKD1,200

18 Token Package                       HKD90/hr                        HKD1,620

         24 or Above                           HKD80/hr                        HKD1,920 -


One full course of workshop is 24 sessions, with 1 hour for each session.

Each token is worth for a 1-hour, and is eligible to all 4 types of workshops:



Scenario A – Tiffany is an office lady who is interested in trying out different art forms. She opted for a 6 Token Package and decided to spend 1 token in each type of the workshop. After having a taste of each of them, she decides to spend the remaining 2 token on “Flying Low”.


Scenario B – Brandon is an experienced Hip Hop Dancer and would like to enlighten himself in a totally different dance form. He wants to have regular practice for his body, so he purchased the 24 token package and intended to join all sessions of “Flying Low”. Nonetheless, he fell sick and missed 1 session of “Flying Low”. He used the spare token for another workshop “Sound, Mind and Matter”.


Enquiries: (Whatsapp) +852 6796 4482

What's On
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2020.12.01 - 2021.02.08
Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre (Screenings) / Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong (14/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre) (Chat with Jacqueline) 
2021.01.01 - 2021.12.31
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2021.01.02 - 2021.01.31
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