Daily Life Amidst the Pandemic

Date: 2022.04.12 - 2022.12.31
Organiser: Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base)
Participated Comics Artists/ Illustrators:

 61CHI (Taiwan)   HENA:U (South Korea)   Chi-kit KEUNG (Hong Kong) 

 Chi-kit KWONG (Hong Kong)   Moon KYUNG (South Korea)   LEFTY (Malaysia) 

 Pak-huen LI (Hong Kong)   NOMA (South Korea)   NOYISIN (South Korea) 

 Stella SO (Hong Kong)   Yao-ching TSENG (Taiwan)   Adoor YEH (Taiwan) 

“Daily Life Amidst the Pandemic” invites a total of 12 comics artists/illustrators from the 4 regions: Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia, to narrate the repetitive daily amid epidemic with their brushes. Every scene in the drawings gives every one of us resonance, as we are going through it together! 
#抗疫日常 #PandemicLife
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“In France, heating system is still going strong in the early march. Every time when entering somewhere indoors, my face starts sweating because of the mask… So, I shop quickly in a supermarket with my sweaty mask. Soaked in sweat, skin around my nose and mouth got rash. Although it is awful, I will still wear my face mask when going out for the sake of my health and others’ health. Cheer up Hong Kong!”
61CHI (Taiwan)

Currently a freelancer who focuses on comics, illustration and print design, she is fond of urban themes.
She self-published her first dōjinshi the same year she graduated from high school. After releasing more than 10 volumes, she decided to create her own original works. Her inspiration comes from the trivial things and habits of her daily life, as well as her observations of the surrounding urban environment, in which she imagines her characters. In terms of technique, she integrates classical visual art into comics language. Her published works include Room (2014), Small TownSouthern Time: Zuoying & Český Krumlov (2016), and Sometimes in the City (2019). Her works have won awards in Taiwan and internationally.

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Current exhibition: 【Book Launch Event】Asian Documentary Comics  

No More Blues, We Will Make You Colourful

“To all my friends who are tired of Corona Blue, please leave your worries and melancholy for us. We will turn them into colourful parcels of happiness. When you encounter an unsolvable problem, wave to people around you. Everything can be solved with the joint efforts of all of us.”
No more blues
HENA:U (South Korea)

Hena:u is an illustration playground that can turn imagination into reality.
There are many interesting moments in a day. And I try to express my thoughts and feelings of each and every moment of life through rounded bold line.
Perhaps the little bits and pieces hidden in the simple drawings can connect with your imaginations and create a more unique story. :)

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 Chi-kit KEUNG 

“With severe epidemic situation, my two kids spend most of their time at home, whether taking online classes or having their long holidays because of class suspension. Since I work from home all the time, I am on call to look after the children every day.
Whenever I want to concentrate on my drawing or story composition, I am often disturbed by their playing sound, and they always ask me to play with them. This makes me cannot focus on my work and bothers me a lot.
Recently, most of time I am engrossed in my work at midnight after my kids fall asleep, and go to bed at dawn. Such irregular daily routine exhausts me mentally and physically. @_@”

Chi-kit KEUNG (Hong Kong)
portrait_Chi-kit KEUNG

Chi-kit Keung studied illustration design. After receiving the comic rising star award from Rightman Publishing in Hong Kong in 1999, he has subsequently launched a number of comic series in the comic magazine CO-CO! that are mostly humourous and light-hearted, earning him recognition as one of the most popular comics artists for children comics. His Samba series has been in serial for more than 10 years, and was translated into simplified Chinese and English in Mainland China and Singapore. In 2008, he was awarded the Best Children Comic award in the 4th Golden Dragon Original Animation and Comic Competition in Mainland China.

In 2015, Keung was invited by Hong Kong Arts Centre to be one of the Hong Kong representatives joining The Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, and to design the decoration on a tram for art project Ding! Ding! Comix Tram. In 2016, comic character Samba was selected as one of the new characters for Hong Kong Avenue of Comics Star and Ani-Com Park @ Harbour “FUN”. In 2017, he participated in Comixtream in the City – Wan Chai by collaborating with Alice Mak to design an exterior wall of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. In 2018, he was invited to design the figures for the charity event Get Animated to raise fund for Make A Wish Hong Kong; in the same year, he designed comics characters and acted as comic workshop instructors for the Hong Kong Comics Touring Showcase in Shanghai presented by the Shanghai Hong Kong Association. His recent publications include bilingual children comic book series Samba Family, and children science comic book series Samba STEM. In 2019, sponsored by automobile manufacturer Audi and Dah Chong Hong, he co-curated an art exhibition Audi A4Art: R4mbler – The Memory of Tomorrow and published R4mbler Illustration Art Book with another three artists in a distinct sci-fi drawing style.

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 Chi-kit KWONG 

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

“The epidemic has been going on for a long time, and all of us are experiencing difficult times. Compared to people who are in deep water because of the epidemic, my discomfort and gloomy mood are just drops in the ocean. During these challenging times, I will recite one of the bible verses that I used to read when I was a child in my mind, ‘So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ Right! Keep the troubles of each day in one day! Things can always be solved one by one. Hong Kongers, let's go for it. “

Hong Kong hang on

Chi-kit KWONG (Hong Kong)
portrait_Chi-kit KWONG

Born in Hong Kong, Chi-kit Kwong is passionate in drawing since his childhood. He studied and worked in the United States for years and has earned his BFA and MFA during his stay. He worked in the advertising industry in his earlier years. He also participated in various exhibitions and wrote art columns. He started to engage in illustration and teaching job since 2009 after returning to Hong Kong. He now lives and works in Mainland China. In 2020, he published The Saga of Kunlun Mountain with Wai-cheong Luk and Tin-kit Mark. He is currently creating his short story comic collection, which will be published by the end of 2022.

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 Moon KYUNG 

Happy Hours with Plants

During these difficult times, I recommend planting to overcome the Corona Blue. How about listening to your favourite music while looking at your potted plant grows? If we try to capture the subtle changes of every precious life every day, I think it may bring positive energy into us. Spend your time doing what you love!

Moon Kyung - 與盆栽植物的快樂時光

Moon KYUNG (South Korea)

Moon Kyung_3_IG pic

Spreading the warmth and energy to the world through naturalistic illustrations.

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Tales of Courage

“When thinking of elements that can represent frontline workers and the community who are fighting against the epidemic, the indefatigable spirit of Iron Man comes into my mind. Thus, I took the cover of comic book Tales of Suspense (1959) featuring the first appearance of Iron Man as reference. This time, however, Iron Man is wearing personal protection equipment, and I changed the title from Tales of Suspense to Tales of Courage. 😁 I hope this somewhat encourages Hong Kong people. Go on - Hong Kong! 💪🏼”


LEFTY (Malaysia)

Born in Penang, Malaysia. The pen name “Lefty” is derived from his left-handedness. Passionate about comics and life, he is fond of true-to-life documentary comics and fantastically bizarre kitschy works. Despite the rapidly development of multimedia, he still prefers to tell stories through traditional hand-drawn comics.

Before studying comics in New York, he served as an assistant art director at an advertising company. He then co-founded Gilamon Studio with several Malaysian comics artists and published a series of independent comics. Apart from creating comics, he also does comics researches, comics teaching, and comics screenwriting, as well as serves as a consultant and an editor at comics publishing house. Since returning to his hometown Penang several years ago, he has been focusing on documenting Penang with comics.

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 Pak-huen LI 

Triangle Hunt

“Life amid epidemic is probably all about wearing face masks, disinfection, isolation, testing and so on. Life is like getting stuck in repetitive pattern boring and dull. Thus, let’s have a piece of triangular cake, take care of a potted flower with triangular leaves, throw a triangular paper airplane and set a triangular hairstyle. Within limitations, we can find new possibilities. We may be resigned to the reality, yet please continue to let our unique imagination go wild and live a different life!”

Pak-huen LI (Hong Kong)
Pak Huen

Graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Esther Pak-huen Li’s creations mainly are inspired from the reality and imagination in her daily life. Her practice includes illustration, acrylic painting, printmaking and animation and is expressed directly and truthfully. She was awarded Sun Museum Award for Western Painting and Tuna Prize in Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts BA Graduation Exhibition in 2020. Recently, she started to create short story books and sell in creative fairs and bookstores. 

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Lily of the Valley

“In the drawing, the kid is holding flowers called the Lily of the Valley its floriography is ‘finding happiness again‘, ‘hope‘, or ‘the happiness must be found‘ I hope that our daily routines that have been affected during the epidemic can return to normal soon.”

NOMA - 鈴蘭花

NOMA (South Korea)

Hello! This is Noma, a watercolour artist from Korea. I mainly create opaque watercolour paintings with gouache. I have more than 500,000 fans in social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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Stop Corona Virus

“A humorous depiction of a determination to beat the virus – cheer for all those who fight against COVID-19. “


NOYISIN (South Korea)
noyisin logo

Noyisin is an illustrator based in Seoul, South Korea.
Holding various illustration art activities and exhibitions, and also collaborating with brands in different fields.
Noyisin has an independent studio which sells products of his own creations.

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 Stella SO 

Old Girls Fight Pandemic and Be Well Every Day!

“During the pandemic, Old Girl feels sluggish and exhausted physically and mentally. Having mum around becomes extremely important. However, it turned out Old Girl’s mum has been suffering from insomnia. Thus, both of them start acupuncture every other day to recuperate. This becomes the Old Girls’ daily routine for wellness.“

Stella SO (Hong Kong)

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication (Design) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She won the animation category gold award in the 8th ifva Awards in Hong Kong with her animation Very Fantastic, which reflects the culture and collective memory of Hong Kong’s historical districts. The animation has also showcased at several international film festivals. She has participated in a wide range of creative works, including artworks, animation production, and film promotion. Since 2006, So has been working on two long comics series, Old Girl Fighter and Old Girl Home, depicting slices of everyday life. Her recent publications include Home Dishes from All Around the World series, Stories of the Hungry Ghost Festival, etc. In 2021, she reissued one of her bestsellers – City of Powder – Disappearing Hong Kong (updated edition).

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 Yao-ching TSENG 

“At the height of pandemic, I went to France. And when I returned to Taiwan, I quarantined for two weeks. At that time, I could only do so much – and therefore, I did a storyboard for my next work.”

Yao-ching TSENG (Taiwan)

Yao ching

He began drawing comics in 2012 and attempted at integrating forms and narratives. The experimental comics The Daughter of Manga (2013), which explores how comics/art is created, was nominated for Best New Talent at the Golden Comic Awards. His comic works often experiment with diverse media and techniques, producing comics with innovative approaches with paper, screen and ink, etc., to interfere with the narratives and become part of the story.
His recent works revolve around the theme of “dreams, theatre, and mirrored worlds”, and seek to question and deconstruct the boundaries of autonomy and survival.

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 Adoor YEH 
"Even if everything comes unexpectedly, humans have the ability to rationalise things that appear out of thin air and naturally integrate them into lives – it is sad, but can also shows the tenacity of life."
Adoor pandemic comic_r
Adoor YEH (Taiwan)

Adoor Yeh sojourned in the United Kingdom in 2013. During the trip, she read European comics that have a strong author’s voice in terms of narration, style and form. She started creating comics since then. Adoor likes to express by integrating her daily life and feelings into own imagination or fictitious plot.
Apart from self-publishing irregular printed publications, she has been combining installation and comics to create a new experience of contexts in recent years.

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Current exhibition: 【Book Launch Event】Asian Documentary Comics  

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