Guided Tour & Training

The Volunteer Docent Programme is a unique programme inviting art lovers to be our ambassadors in connecting the Hong Kong Arts Centre with the general public, nurturing the team spirit of volunteerism and services in the community’s art scene. Before leading interactive guided tours, participants are fully trained through a series of intensive workshops on the appreciation of contemporary arts, touring strategies and studies on cases. 

The professionally trained docents provide delightful interactive tours and art learning activities to audiences ranging from local and international students, community centre groups and overseas art lovers to ethnic minority groups and physical-challenged visitors. The Thematic Guided Tour Services focuses on four themed directions featuring public art, the Hong Kong Arts Centre architectural feature and stories, contemporary art exhibition and art education. 

 Throughout the years, our docents have served over 30,000 overseas and local audiences. Audience reach keeps broadening with more exploration on the Hong Kong Arts Centre and local art scene in various directions. Educational institutions and non-profit making groups are welcomed to make an appointment for our guided tour service. Interested parties please fill in the below table and send the information to this email address for application:


* Expected date of visit:


* Expected time of visit:


Name of School /Non-Profit-Making Group:


Name of person in charge:

Mr. / Ms.

Contact Number:


# Total no. of visitor:


Age of visitors:



Cantonese / English

Expected Content to be included:

(1)Public Art

(2)The architecture and related stories


(4)Arts Education

Special Request (If any):


*Please note that the guided tour service is only available on weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 11:00 am to 6:00pm

#At least 10 participants are required to from the tour and the maximum size of each tour is up to 20 people.

What's On
Artists Support
2020.08.28 - 2020.11.27
Jockey Club Atrium, G/F - 4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong) 
2020.09.11 - 2020.10.30